ULLR Outdoor Bar

International Heli Skiing Guests at Ullr Outdoor Bar

Nearly 50% of our current Northern Escape guests join us from outside North America with the majority of international heli skiing guests coming from European homelands like:

  • Norway
  • The United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Italy

Although most of our heli skiing guides are Canadian, in addition to English, many of them speak several languages including, Norwegian, French, and German.

Our Koala Helicopter, manufactured by Augusta Helicopters, is from Italy, and our Ullr Outdoor Bar, very popular for après ski, is named for the Norwegian God of Snow – Ullr.

NE Heli Skiing Location

With our Terrace heli skiing location in the remote Northwest corner of British Columbia, Canada, we operate on Pacific Standard Time, UTC – 8 hours. December and early January offer some of our shortest days of the winter ski season but even still, we average over 8 hours per day of heli skiing time (or cat skiing, depending on weather conditions).

By mid ski season in British Columbia, the days are getting much longer and our usual day begins at 08:45 with the first group returning back to the ski lodge no later than 17:00 each day.

Helpful Tips for International Guests

Some things to consider when planning ski trips to Canada and while at Northern Escape Heli Skiing:

  1. Be sure to pack your ski/snowboard boots as carry on. If your luggage is lost, we can generally equip you with nearly everything required except ski/snowboard boots.
  2. All heli skiing package prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars. Check the International exchange rates and don’t forget that all banks add a couple percent service fees.
  3. We have a Ski Gift Shop that is well stocked with ski and snowboard clothing, plus goggles, gloves, etc.
  4. We have full time massage practitioners at the ski lodges waiting to sooth your aching muscles after a long day of skiing or snowboarding.
  5. Our Heli Skiing Packages are all-inclusive with the exception of liquor, gift shop purchases, and massage.
  6. When paying for any incidental purchases at the lodge, we accept Credit Cards and Cash in Canadian Dollars.
  7. Electrical outlets in Canada are 110 volts. Please plan to bring an electrical outlet adapter, if required.
  8. We recommend you use our skis and snowboards, which are included in the package price, so you don’t have to travel with your own.
  9. Our Canada Ski Lodges have weak cellular service, but it is usable.
  10. The Lodges also offer free Wi-Fi Internet access.

ETAs plus Medical & Trip Interruption & Cancellation Insurance

International travelers to Canada now require an ETA – Electronic Travel Authorization, to enter the country. It is quick and easy to Apply for the ETA online. For additional information on Electronic Travel Authorizations, check out our blog post Changes for Visitors to Canada in 2016.

We recommend that all our international heli skiing guests also purchase Medical, Trip Interruption Insurance and Trip Cancellation Insurance. These options are provided to you at your time of booking. For more information please see the Insurance page.

For more information or for help with planning ski trips to Canada, please contact Northern Escape Heli Skiing online or call us Toll Free at 1-866-619-3184 to ask about any of our international ski packages.

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