Please use the information below to send payment,
we will send a confirmation once received.


Royal Bank / Terrace BC Branch
4640 Lakelse Ave.
Terrace, B.C. V8G 1R2 CANADA
Account Name: True North Heli-Skiing Ltd.
Account No. 1007327
Branch No. 05440-003
USA ABA# 021 000021
IBAN No. 003100732705440

*Please Note: Wires should be sent in CAD. If necessary we do accept USD wires; in this case, your account will be credited with the amount we receive in CAD when receiving the USD wire, based on the exchange rate at the time of the deposit. If the the exchange rate is in your favour you will have a credit on your account upon arrival. If it is not in your favour we will contact you and ask the remainder be paid by credit card.