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Northern Escape Heli Skiing Offers Three Different Packages

Did you know we have 3 different heli ski packages for you to choose from? Classic Heli Skiing Package , Elite Heli Skiing Package , Private Heli Skiing Package. All of them offer a unique experience based on small groups. When it comes to similarities, besides small groups, all of our packages are all-inclusive! By booking either of our packages, you get: professional helicopter skiing guide services, cat skiing backup, accommodations, all meals and non-alcoholic beverages, use of our Barryvox avalanche transceivers as well as use of our snow pulse avalanche airbags, powder skis, poles and snowboards. Your transfers from the airport to our lodges and back are also included! 

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Safety Is Number 1

At Northern Escape we strive for the highest level of safety possible. Not only for our guests but for our staff as well. That’s why we are working on getting our COR certification. The Certificate of Recognition program (COR) is an occupational health and safety audit and certification that rewards employers that go above and beyond the legal requirements of the Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulations. It is a process that is not easily met, but we are up for the challenge!

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Reise Offpiste – Aftenpoften Magazine Norway

Aftenpoften Magazine Norway – Feb 18th 2017

Words: Hans Kristian Krogh-Hanssen

Images:  Hans Kristian Krogh-Hanssen and Aaron Whitfield

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Report Northern Escape – German News Magazine

Words: Gunter Kast

Images: Northern Escape Heli Skiing/ Aaron Whitfield/ Sandra Urbaniak

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Heli Skiing booking guide

Guide to booking your heli ski vacation with Northern Escape Heli Skiing:

1) Which month should you choose?
We get that question often and the answer is very simple: every month is the perfect month to go heli skiing. Mother nature is unpredictable and we take what we can get but to help you understand the average kind of weather we get here, we have come up with a brief description: January tends to be the stormiest and the deepest. We’ll spend about 70% of the time in the trees and 30% in the alpine. February tends to stabilize some, the skiing and riding is still quite deep and we spend about a 50/50 split between trees and alpine. March starts to see the weather stabilize even more. The skiing is deep, but just a little more settled. We tend to spend about 70% of the time in the alpine and 30% in the trees at this time.

2) Which package and how many days should I book?

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