2017 Season Records

Another epic season in the Skeena Mountains with over 5 million vertical feet skied! Heli skiers and snowboarders joined us from all over the world and we shared some awesome turns. Check out our facebook page for the highlights and stay tuned for the powder countdown to start all over again!

  • Record Daily Vertical Skied

    Record Daily Vertical Skied

    42, 000 ft.
  • Record Snowfall in 24hrs

    Record Snowfall in 24hrs

    80 cm
  • Record Snowfall in 72hrs

    Record Snowfall in 72hrs

    120 cm
  • Average Temperature

    Average Temperature

    -5 C
  • Average Base Depth

    Average Base Depth

    400 cm
  • Thank You,

    Thank You,

    we look forward to seeing you next year!
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