Insurance Options

We are pleased to offer new travel insurance options in partnership with Lifestyle Insurance & Benefits Brokers. We highly recommend purchasing Emergency Medical Coverage (including emergency air evacuation) as it combines the emergency evacuation with traveller’s medical insurance. We would also highly recommend you consider the Trip Interruption and/or Cancellation Insurance as this addition could be very beneficial for expensive trips such as this should you have to return home in an emergency, be delayed in arriving due to travel/ flight delays or have to cancel your trip due to unforseen circumstances. For more insurance information see below, or for specific coverage information, please review the Lifestyle Insurance Policies or contact Lifestyle Insurance at 250.542.8577 or

Emergency Medical Coverage (including air evacuation) – $15/day

Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Coverage/Emergency Medical within Canada will cover the costs incurred due to an illness or injury that requires hospitalization or a doctor’s visit, and the added costs that can incur because of that (ie prescriptions, x-rays, painkillers). This coverage will cover the cost of an air evacuation and/or ambulance transportation to the nearest hospital. It will also cover any gaps in coverage held by you, the insured, in your home country/province (i.e. group health plans provided through work, personally held private plans). This coverage is designed specifically for Hel skiing/Cat skiing in BC, and it will be a first payor in the event of an emergency. All claims require you be seen by a physician. For more information please review the Lifestyle Insurance Emergency Medical Insurance Policy. Emergency Medical coverage can be purchased alone or in combination with Trip Interruption + Cancellation insurance.

Trip Interruption + Emergency Medical Coverage (including air evacuation) – $35/day

Trip Interruption will cover the amount paid out of pocket by you (heli skiing vacation cost, airfare, and other accommodations) up to $25,000 commencing on the day you arrive in the care of NEH. This coverage will protect your financial risk and cover the cost to return home in the event of an emergency, as well as reimburse any lost travel days due to travel/flight delays, injuries, etc. No pre-existing unstable conditions will be covered, nor will any event that is known to you, the insured prior to purchasing the policy for which a claim is intended to be made for. This option also includes Emergency Medical Coverage as outlined above but does not protect you in the event of Trip Cancellation. All claims require you be seen by a physician.

Trip Interruption + Trip Cancellation Insurance – Click for Quote

Northern Escape Heli Skiing in partnership with Lifestyle Financial Services now offer our guests a comprehensive Cancellation and Interruption Insurance package which is highly recommended. Trip Cancellation/Interruption protects your trip investment in the event of an unexpected cancellation or interruption. If you need to cancel your trip before your scheduled departure, or your trip is interrupted while you’re already on vacation, this insurance reimburses for non-refundable prepaid travel arrangements that can’t be recovered from another source. For more information please review the Lifestyle Insurance Trip Cancellation + Trip Interruption Insurance Policy. You may also wish to consult our Reservation Policies and Conditions in our Pricelists and Info Booklets for more information on our Cancellation Policy. Please note that Trip Interruption + Cancellation Insurance does not include Emergency Medical coverage.

If you choose to purchase insurance elsewhere make sure that any insurance you purchase covers you while you are in Canada or out of your home province and does not contain a clause excluding heli skiing. Again, Lifestyle Financial Services offers a comprehensive Insurance plans.

Guests requiring evacuation, that have arranged other evacuation insurance or have no insurance will be charged $2,950.00 per helicopter flight hour for any evacuation.

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