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Behind the Scene

With the development of our Cat Skiing Backup area and one of the world’s largest helicopter skiing locations, we have made every effort to ensure you have the best skiing and riding experience possible! Although we know that Mother Nature is always in charge, we have upped the odds that you will get to ski every day.

Northern Escape’s 5,500 sq. kilometer heli skiing terrain near Terrace, in the remote Northwest of British Columbia, Canada, is renowned for providing one of the deepest, most reliable, snow-packs on the planet. It is no secret that all that deep fluffy powder doesn’t fall from blue skies. It snows up here, and it is Deeper Up Here!

When It Snows to Heavy to Fly

Along with all that snow may come some challenging flying conditions. When it’s snowing too heavily to fly a helicopter safely to our remote British Columbia mountain peaks, we simply switch to our Cat Skiing Backup. All of our helicopter skiing packages include a reserved seat in our Cat Skiing Backup program and our snowcats are always ready and standing by.

Over the season, our seven day packages average six and a half days of heli skiing and one half day in our Cat Skiing Backup program each week. Check out the Unlimited Vertical Heli Skiing Option as unlimited vertical is nice to have when you ski/ride nearly every day of your package.

Cat Ski Area – 29 Sq. KMs (7000 Acres)

Our Cat Skiing Backup area encompasses over 29 square km’s (7,000 acres), which is nearly the size of North America’s largest resort and has over 50 km’s (31 miles) of snow roads; offering some of the best tree skiing within our tenure. With an average ski run length of over 600 meters (2,000 vertical feet), it is a powder paradise with everything from steep trees to pillows and open bowls.

When it’s storming and the snow is lying deep in the trees, instead of waiting in the lodge playing “Go Fish”, you will be enjoying some of the deepest powder skiing/boarding imaginable, thanks to our Cat Skiing Backup program.

If the weather clears enough to fly while we are out Cat Skiing, the helicopter will pick us up and we seamlessly continue our day of deep powder Heli Skiing. Conversely, if we’re Helicopter Skiing and the weather starts to change for the worse, we will meet the Snowcats and switch to deep powder Cat Skiing.

To learn more about our Northern Escape Cat Skiing Backup Program, send us an email or call Toll Free at 1-866-619-3184.

It’s the ultimate combination – Canadian Heli skiing with Cat Skiing Backup!

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