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2022 and 2023 Heli Skiing Bookings

Heli skiing in Terrace BC

Last Chance to Save on 2022 Heli Skiing Trips

Demand has been extraordinarily strong for 2022 heli skiing and boarding trips and we are well over 90% sold out at this point. BUT, there are still some great dates left and now is the time to pull the trigger and book, before prices go up on April 30th. Yep, just 3 days left. Our Worry-Free Booking policy means you’ve got nothing to worry about if your travel is affected next winter.

2023 Trips opening Up for Booking Soon-

Important for all 2022 guests to read & understand. And also important for all guests thinking about joining us for 2023.

This Pandemic year has been challenging for business in so many ways. But one bright light that has come out of the pandemic, due to missing a year of our regular guests, is the huge pent-up demand for Heli Skiing holidays the next two years. Currently we are almost sold out of 2022 dates. And we are already seeing demand for 2023. Due to the desire for many individuals and groups to plan and book their 2023 Heli Skiing holiday now- we are opening up Winter 2023 Packages for Bookings Now. But for this year only- we are implementing a New Booking Procedure. It is especially important for all current booked guests to read and understand as we are giving all guests booked for the 2021/2022 Season the first chance to Re-book at almost no cost or obligation. And for those not booked for next season, but thinking about , you will have a chance to secure your perfect date soon.

We understand that guests booked for 2021/2022 don’t really want to think about re-booking for 2023 before even going on your current booked holiday. But we want to reward our booked guests by giving them the first chance to re-book their same dates for 2023 before opening the dates to the general public . And we are making it virtually no cost and no obligation. Here’s the details that all booked guests need to know. And there is also information for guests not booked for next Winter but thinking about grabbing a spot in 2023 to ensure you get the best dates available.

Rebooking 2023 for current 2022 Winter Clients

In order to give you your first chance to re-book the same package dates you have in 2022 before others may take them- we are giving you over a month’s head start to re-book before any other guests are allowed to book. Please note that you have nothing to lose by re-booking your 2023 dates now and have everything to gain. You can be confident that if you have an amazing time Heliskiing with us next year and want to rebook your same package dates- they will be available for you. Here’s how it works:

  • Email us to let us know that you are interested in re-booking your current dates for 2023
  • We will ask you for only a $200 PP Deposit to “Hold” your Dates
  • You finish your 2022 trip and within 7 days of returning home, you make your final decision. You can turn your $200 hold into a confirmed booking by committing to pay the rest of your deposit. Or you can choose to release the dates and owe nothing.
  • If you decide to re-book your dates after your 2022 trip and pay the deposit for 2023, you will pay the regular deposit less the $200 you have already paid. If you decide not to re-book, we will keep your $200 as a Credit and you can use the Credit towards a 2024 or 2025 booking.
  • We highly recommend that even if you are not sure about re-booking now for 2023, that you request this re-booking option as it guarantees you a spot for 2023 which will likely sell out early. And if you decide not to book, you have your $200 credit on file to book any 2024 or 2025 Holiday. A WIN-WIN!
  • NEH reserves the right to cancel a reservation at any time for any reason at which time a full refund of all monies paid to NEH will be refunded.
  • Current Booked Guests Have until May 31st to request their 2023 Option and place their seats On-Hold. Over a full month to secure your dates before the General Public can book.


Booking 2023 for Guests not currently booked for next Winter

  • On June 1st we will open up all 2023 Package dates for everyone to book. All package dates but the ones already booked by returning guests will be available
  • The usual deposit will be due upon booking with the final balance due 12 weeks before your 2023 dates. So you can have your choice of prime package dates before the best 2023 dates sell out with only a small deposit now. And final payment not due until 2 years from now.

We look forward to welcoming you soon for an amazing Heliskiing holiday. While we don’t want to rush, we know that 2023 will fill up unusually fast due to the 2022 season being almost Sold Out. Please feel free to Enquire or Book on the website– or email reservations@neheliskiing.com for assistance.


We hope to see you in the deep powder of Northern BC’s mountains next winter!

John Forrest


John Forrest,  ACMG Guide, President and GM, Northern Escape Heli Skiing