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In this blog post, Northern Escape Heli Skiing offers some interesting facts about British Columbia (BC), the third largest province in Canada in terms of size and population.

At Northern Escape, we are privileged to entertain heli skiing guests from all over the world. International guests visit us from Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States, to name a few.

There’s so much to learn about British Columbia, or “Beautiful British Columbia” as the locals like to call it. BC is nearly as large as Germany and France combined. In fact, at 946,000 square kilometers (365,000 sq. miles), BC is larger than all of Norway, the UK, and Italy combined!

More Fun Facts About British Columbia

With the magnificent Canadian Rockies, BC is an amazing province located on the west coast of Canada. It is home to Grizzly Bears and Bighorn sheep, as well as bald eagles, sea otters and Killer Whales. Here are some other fun facts about British Columbia Canada:

  • The world has 195 countries – only 30 are larger than BC
  • BC makes up 13% of Canada’s land mass
  • Over 75% of BC is mountainous (half of which has little or no human contact)
  • BC Parks is Canada’s second largest park system (over 400 parks and conservation areas)
  • BC’s coastline stretches in excess of 27,000 km
  • Over 75% of Canada’s mammals and bird species live in BC
  • Provincial tree – Western Red Cedar (some are over 2000 years old!)
  • Provincial fish – Pacific Salmon
  • Provincial mammal – the rare white-furred black bear called the “Spirit Bear”
  • BC has 25% of all of Canada’s black bears and 25% of all Grizzly bears in North America
  • BC’s highest mountain is Fairweather Mountain at 4,663 metres or 15,299 feet
  • BC became a British Colony in 1858 and was named British Columbia by Queen Victoria
  • Average life expectancy in BC is 81.7 years
  • The population density in BC is 5 persons per sq. km (Germany has 230 persons per sq. km!)

Easy Heli Ski Access from Vancouver

Thanks to the warm Pacific Ocean, Southern BC enjoys Canada’s mildest winter conditions where temperatures seldom drop below freezing. You can safely fly into Vancouver year-round. Vancouver BC is the Gateway of the Pacific Rim and home to North America’s 4th largest film industry. From Vancouver, our heli ski guests enjoy quick easy access (less than a 2-hour plane ride) to Terrace BC.

Terrace is located on the west coast of Central British Columbia. Northern Escape Heli Skiing is only a 25-minute bus ride from the Terrace airport. From Terrace, NE Heli Skiing offers quick heli skiing access to 12 different heli skiing zones in the Kitimat and Skeena Mountain Ranges of BC’s Interior Mountains.

About Skeena Mountains in BC

With nearly 32,850 sq. kilometres, the Skeena Mountain Range (Skeenas) in North Western British Columbia is home to one of the world’s largest heli skiing areas. NE Heli has access to over 5,500 sq. kilometers (2100 sq. miles) of heli skiing terrain with over 250 alpine ski runs situated on the 55th parallel. Here, our guests can experience the first decent on some of world’s best pillow drops.

Our Skeena Mountain heli ski elevations are as high as 2,450 metres (8,000 feet) with ski runs in excess of 2,000 meters (6,500 vertical feet). Plus, we offer an unlimited vertical option.

About NE Heli Skiing

We’re celebrating because 2019 will mark our 15th year that Northern Escape Heli Skiing has been offering Canadian heli skiing packages in beautiful British Columbia Canada. Our three Heli ski packages include Classic, Elite, and Private heli skiing.

To learn more about British Columbia we invite you to come heli ski in Canada with Northern Escape. Here, you can surround yourself with magnificent glaciers, high alpine peaks, and open old growth forests full of fluffy, untracked deep powder. It’s deeper up here!

You only need to bring your ski boots. Northern Escape has a full line of Prior snowboards and skis to choose from. To learn more about British Columbia Canada heli skiing, please call us at 1-866-619-3184 or send us an email.

For available heli skiing dates in BC, Canada, visit our Bookings page.


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