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My Town Heli Skiing Region

Located 38km North West of Yellow Cedar Lodge

My Town region of Northern Escape heli skiing terrain.The My Town heli skiing region is a great mix of alpine and tree skiing.  My Town is an excellent destination to rack up some vertical on a little bit of everything circuit with loads of variety.

Northern Escape welcomes international heli skiing guests from all over the world.  Our huge terrain (over 5,500 sq. km), easy access, amazing heli ski zones, and our small group heli skiing packages make for the perfect heli skiing experience!


My Town heli ski terrain at Northern Escape.

Average Treeline Snowpack Depth – 4 meters, 13 feet

Favorite Run – Heaven’s Door

Glaciated Skiing – 30%

Alpine Skiing – 60%

Tree Skiing – 40%  

Average Treeline Landing Elevation: 6,000 feet (1,800m)

Average Pick Up Elevation: 3,000 feet (900m)

Come Heli Skiing at Northern Escape

Located just a 2-hr flight from Vancouver International Airport (and just a 20-minute car ride from the Terrace BC airport) Canada’s Northern Escape Heli Skiing is one of the world’s most easily accessible heli ski destinations. It’s not uncommon to ski 6.5 days on a 7-day heli skiing package!

We are honored to welcome heli ski guests from around the world including from many parts of Europe, the UK, and the United States. In fact, many of our guests are repeat customers who come back for the deep powder, the small group heli skiing packages, and to ski exceptional runs like our Fjordland heli skiing zone. We even offer snow cat skiing backup in our Catland zone.

For availability, please visit our Bookings page to book your next 3-day, 4-day, 5-day, or 7-day heli skiing trip in Canada.

If you still have questions, please call us toll free from Canada and the United States at 1-866-619-3184 or send us an email.

More Great News!

  • 2019 is our 15th anniversary offering exceptional heli skiing packages in Canada
  • 2020 is the scheduled opening of our new Lake Front Heli Skiing Lodge near Terrace, BC, Canada


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