Heli skiing in Canada – never too early to book your flight!

Heli Skiers Arriving in Terrace BC Canada

Departing the Plane

So you have made your heli ski package reservation with us here at Northern Escape Heli Skiing. Now it’s time to think about how you are going to get here! Well, this guide will help you make your travel plans a little easier.

Flying to Terrace via Vancouver, British Columbia

First things first: book your flights to/from Terrace via Vancouver, BC. Vancouver is the only airport with direct flights to Terrace. Our recommended carrier is Air Canada, as it is an International airline and offers a schedule of flights that best matches our heli skiing program. WestJet also provides air service to Terrace, but their scheduled arrivals/departures do not fit as well with our program. WestJet and Air Canada are the only two major airlines that service Terrace, BC.

We recommend you plan your arrival with flight (Air Canada) AC 8242, which departs Vancouver at 17:40 and arrives in Terrace at 19:18. Vehicle transfers to our lodge from this flight takes less than 20-minutes and are included in your package.

Both Air Canada and WestJet offer earlier flights, which you may chose; however, there will be an extra charge of $50.00 (CAD) charged to your account. The charge covers the cost of the transportation, extra food (full dinner in some cases), and extra staff to accommodate your arrival. We strongly recommend that you do not plan your arrival with any flights that arrive later than the 19:18 flight as it will delay your departure for skiing the following morning while we check you in.

If plan to arrive in Vancouver early and spend a day sleeping off any jetlag, we can help you book a room at the Fairmont Airport Hotel with preferential rates. You may also consider the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in Downtown Vancouver. Connecting to our regular recommended flight (AC 8242) will give you most of the day to sleep in and enjoy Vancouver before jumping on the plane to Terrace that afternoon. Please contact our office for more details at 1-250-615-3184.

Your Departure Flight

Heli Skiers Boarding the Bus on the Way to NE Heli Skiing

Boarding the Ski Bus

Your return flight should consider that we ski a full day on the last day of your heli ski package. When you get back to the lodge from skiing there is time for a shower, and we provide a farewell dinner before your transfer to catch your flight out of Terrace. Our recommended flight out is AC 8245, which departs Terrace at 19:55 and arrives in Vancouver at 21:27. Departure from the lodge is at 18:00. Transfers to connect with this flight out of Terrace are included in your package.

Both Air Canada and WestJet have earlier departures that you may consider, which would require you to return to the lodge early to prepare for your flight. Both airlines may provide further options to connect all the way home that same day. We can certainly accommodate that; however, there will be a charge of $50.00 for the required flight time and extra transfer.

Many people will be able to connect to their final flights home that same evening, but some, depending on flight scheduling, will require an overnight before continuing home the next day. In this case we would recommend the Fairmont Airport Hotel for its convenience and location right in Vancouver airport.

Our Northern Escape Heli Skiing staff is always available to assist you with your planning. We are happy to accommodate your specific needs and travel plans. When it comes time to plan your flights, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for assistance. We can be reached at 1-250-615-3184 or by email.