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Boutique Heli Skiing in Canada

Heli Skiing Helicopter Disturbs the Deep Powder On Liftoff

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British Columbia (BC) Canada, where heli skiing was born, is blessed to be able to offer boutique heli skiing for nearly 5 months out of the year, from mid-December through to late April, depending on the location.

This is amazing when you consider that most heli ski locations around the world have a much shorter heli ski season – usually less than 4 months. In fact, in North America, BC has a longer heli skiing season than any location in the USA including Alaska!

Worldwide, there are an estimated four-dozen companies that offer powder heli skiing. Amazingly, British Columbia is home to nearly half of the world’s heli skiing operations. In fact, BC Business Magazine stated in a 2015 article that BC attracts “roughly 100,000 …a year (split roughly 70/30 between heli skiing and cat skiing).”

With so many heli ski operations, and with such a long heli ski season, it’s no wonder that when avid heli skiers think about boutique heli skiing, they think of BC, Canada!

What Defines Boutique Heli Skiing?

Helicopter Carries Heli Skiers Up the Mountain in BC Canada

Heading Up the Mountain for Heli Skiing

When we hear the word “boutique” we generally think of personalized, guest-focused luxury services and intimate, exclusive settings. A boutique business is one that clearly differentiates itself from their competitors.

Out of economic necessity, most heli skiing operations must rely on larger helicopters to accommodate multiple large ski groups of up to 12 skiers. However, for those who prefer a more exclusive heli ski package, small group boutique heli skiing is much more preferable.

Boutique heli skiing in BC offers skiers one of the most exclusive tourist experiences you can buy. The majority of our guests here at Northern Escape Heli Skiing are from Europe and the United States who come to BC to take advantage of:

  • Smaller, more agile helicopters
  • Private helicopter for private heli skiing groups
  • Smaller group sizes
  • Fewer groups per helicopter
  • Private or semi-private heli skiing
  • Private or semi-private backup cat skiing (fewer down days)
  • Private or semi-private boutique accommodations (single or double occupancy)
  • More available terrain with exclusive runs in deep untracked powder
  • Accompanied by 2 heli skiing guides (depending on the package)
  • Flexible package length (choose from 3 to 7 days of heli skiing)
  • Unlimited vertical (by request or depending on the package)

For those lucky enough to afford it, boutique heli skiing in BC is simply the best heli skiing in the world!

About Northern Escape Heli Skiing

Heli Skier Cutting Thru Untracked Powder in BC Canada

Nothing But Untracked Powder Ahead

Since our inception in 2004, Northern Escape Heli Skiing has been offering guests from around the globe a boutique heli skiing experience. We are also a destination heli skiing operation with exclusive designated accommodations for no more than 18 heli skiers at a time in the Classic program at Yellow Cedar Lodge. Our Elite heli ski program can accommodate up to 10 heli skiers at a time while our Private heli skiing packages can accommodate up to 5 skiers.

If you want easy access small group heli skiing with private or semi private exclusive accommodations and exceptional cuisine, check out our Classic, Elite, or Private boutique heli skiing packages in British Columbia, Canada. NE Heli Skiing is located just a short 2-hour flight from Vancouver International Airport.

Visit our Bookings page for available heli skiing dates or call toll free at 1-866-619-3184 to out more about our boutique heli skiing packages.

We can also be reached by email.


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