What is mechanized Skiing?

Mechanized skiing is a type of skiing that uses either a helicopter or snowcat to take skiers and snowboarders up remote slopes in the backcountry, to untouched mountains, with deep powder, stunning views, and terrain features not found on-piste. This is very different from a ski resort, which may use a chairlift, gondola or T-bar to take skiers up marked and groomed slopes.

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Location – 35km SW of Yellow Cedar Lodge

In this fourth installment highlighting our 12 unique heli skiing areas here in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, we will take a closer look at our South Shore heli skiing zone.

Northern Escape Heli Skiing currently operates a tenure of over 5,500 sq. km of heli skiing terrain. Each year we welcome guests from all over the world who travel here specifically to heli ski in Canada.

While our North Shore zone features 60% alpine skiing, our South Shore heli skiing zone offers up to 70% tree skiing. South Shore is located North West of Kitimat, British Columbia, at the head of the Douglas Channel and in the far Southern reaches of the NEH tenure. The South Shore heli skiing region offers a mixture of tree skiing and alpine terrain with Pacific Ocean views and a deep, powdery maritime snowpack.

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Location – 20km SW of Yellow Cedar Lodge

Northern Escape’s heli skiing terrain covers over 5,500 sq. km near Terrace in British Columbia, Canada. Within our tenure, we operate 12 amazing heli skiing zones. In this third blog post highlighting our unique heli skiing areas, we will take a closer look at our North Shore heli skiing zone.

The North Shore heli ski zone is a favorite of many of our heli ski guides. Many of the big East-facing alpine ski runs offer consistent fall lines, glorious morning light, and exceptional variety for heli skiing or heli boarding. The North Shore heli skiing zone is home to the longest run in our Northern Escape Heli Skiing tenure.

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Location – 27km N of Yellow Cedar Lodge

(North end of the Promised Land ski region)

In our second post highlighting the 12-heli skiing zones within our 5,500 sq. km terrain in British Columbia, Canada, our Northern Escape Heli Skiing guides offer a closer look at our Catland Cat skiing zone.

At NE Heli Skiing, we want you to have the best heli skiing/ heli boarding experience possible. Our Catland Cat skiing zone is our Cat Skiing back-up area with over 50 km (31 miles) of snow roads and 7,000 acres of tree skiing. This Cat ski region is the place to be when it’s snowing too hard to fly our helicopters to heli skiing elevations. Every heli skiing package we offer includes a reserved seat in one of our 3 Snowcats! Our Catland Cat skiing zone isn’t used often (we average 6.5 days of heli each week) but when it is, it’s amazing skiing and riding in the old growth forests of British Columbia, Canada.

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New Cabins for the Snowcats

New Cabins being built for our snowcats

Here at northern Escape, we are constantly trying to provide the best possible experience to our guests. We just finished a deal to buy two brand new, state of the art passenger cabs for our snowcats. These new cabins are made from fibreglass and are custom fit to meet our needs in the mountains. They are built to be light weight thus making the cats more fuel efficient and faster. Shorter turnaround time means that you will get more skiing in during your time at Catland. Read more

Cat skiing 101Want to go cat skiing but not sure you’re powder technique is up to par? Ready to take the leap on your first cat skiing trip? Want to ski with a great group of people?

This is the package for you!

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A news release about catskiing for a cause offered at Northern Escape.

Come join Northern Escape for a day of Cat Skiing, in support of the Northern Snow Angels. This is a community driven initiative, administered by My Mountain Co-Op and Shames Mountain, which enables students the opportunity to enjoy Shames Mountain and fuel the next generation of skiers.

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A group of skiers and snowboarders loading into a snowcat at the bottom of a run. It is snowing.

Join us for the ultimate cat skiing and cat boarding experience at Northern Escape Cat Skiing. We have been offering Cat Skiing as a backup to our Heli Skiing program for many years and we are now pleased to offer it as a stand alone Cat Skiing package in December and early January before our Heli Skiing program begins. Read more