This guide is going to cover every detail of your heli-ski trip, so you get the most of it.

It’s no surprise to say, heli-skiing has it all. It may feel like your first date, yeah it can excite the hell out of you.

Let’s start by breaking a myth… myth? Yes! You read it right. You don’t need to be an elite skier for this to happen! Contrary to what you might think, heli-skiing isn’t just for the world’s elite shredders. You don’t have to be an expert who leaps out of a moving chopper and fall straight into a powder bath to your knees. Yes, if you’re confident on an intermediate (or blue-square) ride on your local mountain in six inches of powder snow, you have all the skills you need to take a heli-skiing blast. Read more

New Lake Front Heli Skiing Lodge!

We are very excited to see all the progress on the new lodge build. It is exciting to know that we will be getting the keys in time for the next winter season and that our guests will be welcomed into a new era of the Northern Escape journey. IDL Projects is chomping at the bit to get in there and start putting some hammers to nails. We have moved the snow from the summer access road and they will be in there next week!

Drawing of the new lodge on the lakefront looking North.

 The View of the Lodge Looking North.


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Northern Escape Heli Skiing is excited to introduce the Blizzard Rustler 11 to our already stacked ski fleet. With so many amazing skis to choose from, let us help you make the right decision with some background information to get the best experience out of your heliski trip!Blizzard Rustler 11 ski in green.

Blizzard’s Carbon Flipcore D.R.T technology reduces the torsional strength of the rockered tip and tail making these skis extremely playful in the deep North Coast powder and because of the camber underfoot, holding an edge on the steeps is a breeze. This award-winning ski is an all day, all conditions favorite of many freeride athletes and now, you, our guests can also enjoy the ride. Read more

Located 38km North West of Yellow Cedar Lodge

My Town region of Northern Escape heli skiing terrain.The My Town heli skiing region is a great mix of alpine and tree skiing.  My Town is an excellent destination to rack up some vertical on a little bit of everything circuit with loads of variety.

Northern Escape welcomes international heli skiing guests from all over the world.  Our huge terrain (over 5,500 sq. km), easy access, amazing heli ski zones, and our small group heli skiing packages make for the perfect heli skiing experience!


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New Years Fireworks over the mountains.

At Northern Escape, over the years, the dates over the New Year have blessed us with some of the deepest, lightest powder ever and some of the best heli skiing we have ever had! Now throw in a New Year’s Eve party, fireworks and fantastic people from all around the world, and there is no better way to bring in 2019!

We offer 2 packages during the New Years week to accommodate varying budgets and personal holiday commitments.  Choose the 5 day package to start the party off right and put a smile on your face for all of 2019. Choose the 7 day package to give yourself the gift of champagne powder to end 2018, and face shots to bring in the new one!

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In this heli skiing FAQ blog, our expert guides have put together a Q&A to provide answers to many of the frequently asked questions we get asked about heli skiing in Canada.

Heli Skiers getting on a bus, to answer some heli skiing FAQ.

25-min Shuttle Bus to the Lodge

This is the time of the year when our office starts getting busy. There’s lots of planning to do for the winter ski season and soon enough, we will be getting plenty of questions as you start getting ready for your heli skiing trip in Canada.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Does Northern Escape Heli Skiing have Wi-Fi?

Yes! Both of our lodges include free Wi-Fi.

Will I be able to get cell phone reception?

Yes. It may be spotty at certain places but we will show you the best spots to make a cell phone call.

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Location – 45km NW of Yellow Cedar Lodge

Fjordland Heli Skiing Zone from the air!

Our Fjordland heli skiing zone is another favorite and one of the 12 exceptional heli skiing zones in our 5,500 sq. km terrain here at Northern Escape Heli Skiing.

Fjordland is the ideal place to make your first decent when heli skiing in British Columbia Canada. This heli skiing zone is 50% glaciated, which makes it an amazing place to spend a day.

Essentially, the surface has only been scratched in this far off limitless destination. The view from the top says it all! And, like the name implies, the Fjordland heli skiing zone offers perfect alpine skiing that leads you down over 3200 vertical feet through steep trees and avalanche paths to the valley bottom.

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Location – 36km NW of Yellow Cedar Lodge

In this week’s post, we want to share with you our First Nations heli skiing zone. The First Nations is a very, very cool place for alpine heli skiing here in British Columbia, Canada.

Impressive granite walls, glacier skiing, and waterfalls abound in the First Nations heli skiing zone. This is a beautifully rugged area of BC with impressive mountain peaks backing onto the world’s only Grizzly Bear Sanctuary – definitely a cool place to experience.

Each year, our heli skiing experts here at Northern Escape welcome guests from around the world. Many are repeat clients who come from the United States, the UK, and from many parts of Europe. They love our huge terrain, our easy access, our deep powder, our small group heli skiing packages, and especially the variety within our 12 heli skiing zones!

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Location – 30km W of Yellow Cedar Lodge

In this week’s post we’ll take a look at the Shroud heli skiing zone. The Shroud is a stand-alone heli ski destination and our sixth blog installment showcasing the 12 exceptional heli skiing areas we operate near Terrace, in beautiful British Columbia.

Northern Escape Heli Skiing welcomes international heli skiing guests from around the globe, many of whom are repeat clients. Most ski guests come to heli ski in Canada for the powder. However, our easy access, huge terrain (over 5,500 sq. km), amazing heli ski zones, and our small group heli skiing packages are also big draws.

Home to our Tomb Raider ski run, the Shroud heli skiing zone offers tons of variety with 50% alpine skiing and 50% of nothing-but-fun tree skiing!

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Location – 30km NW of Yellow Cedar Lodge

Let’s take a closer look at our Wild West heli skiing zone. This is the fifth installment from our series of blog posts showcasing our 12 exceptional heli skiing areas.

Located near Terrace B.C.,in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, our heli skiing terrain has over 5,500 sq. km of incomparable alpine, glacier, and tree skiing.

Our Wild West heli ski zone is a favorite for many of our international guests who come to heli ski in Canada for the lightest, deepest powder ever!

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