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Opening a New Remote Mountain Heli Skiing Lodge

For most people, building a new house is a big project. Building a Lodge might seem a little more daunting. But, put that lodge at the end of a remote logging road in the middle of some of the most remote mountains in BC, and it takes it up a notch. Building a remote mountain Heli Skiing lodge is not for the faint of heart, and I can speak to that from firsthand knowledge now. The journey is fraught with obstacles and hurdles impeding success at every turn, but with success, just around the corner, I can now say, without hesitation, it was worth the effort.

Three years ago, Northern Escape Heli Skiing embarked on a journey to build a new remote mountain lodge, custom-designed for heli skiing. We owned the land, a 55-acre waterfront mountain estate in the heart of our best skiing and had chosen the building site upon it. Access was via a rough Forest Service Road for 24 km’s, but we would need permission to build a short road across Crown Land to provide access from the logging road to our build site.
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The New Lodge Will be Ready for this Season!

New Lake Front Heli Skiing Lodge!

We are very excited to see all the progress on the new lodge build. It is exciting to know that we will be getting the keys in time for the next winter season and that our guests will be welcomed into a new era of the Northern Escape journey. IDL Projects is chomping at the bit to get in there and start putting some hammers to nails. We have moved the snow from the summer access road and they will be in there next week!

 The View of the Lodge Looking North.


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Heli Skiing Food at NE Heli Skiing

Hungry? People always ask about our heli skiing food, “How do you get all this food to a Heli Ski Resort?”

It gives me pause to think that most people are unaware of the finely orchestrated process by which heli skiing food arrives on their plate.

From food menu writing to product sourcing, ordering, transport, and the preparation of your final gourmet meal, a long chain of people have had a hand in the heli skiing food we serve on the hill and at our lodges.

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Interview With Jens Larsens – Head Chef at NE Heli Skiing

At Northern Escape Heli Skiing here in beautiful British Columbia Canada, we are stoked to announce a new member to our management team: Jens Larsen. If you have visited us recently, chances are you got a taste of Jens’ delicious meals. In his new role as Executive Chef/Assistant Lodge Manager, Jens Larsen will meticulously plan your every single bite, ensure variety for your thirstiness needs, and make sure that every heli skiing guest is having a great time.

Get to know Jens Larsen:


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Jens Larsen’s New Après Ski Cocktail Recipes…

As Executive Chef and Assistant Lodge Manager, I strive each season to improve our food and beverage service for guests here at Northern Escape Heli Skiing in British Columbia, Canada. For my third season with Northern Escape, I will step a bit back from “time at the stove” in order to assist in managing lodge logistics and front of house. I look forward to creating new experiences for the 2019 heli ski season, including new Après Ski cocktail recipes!

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With food like this, the heli belly is a real possibility!

Walk into the kitchen at any time during the day at Northern Escape Heli Skiing and you are sure to be met with the tantalizing aroma of a five-star dining experience; from breakfast to mountaintop lunch to après ski to the three course dinner, our passionate culinary team put emphasis on each meal they prepare, providing exciting, flavourful & healthy food that compliments the high activity of our guests.

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Lodge Renovations at Yellow Cedar

Simone Mattner smiles in front of Yellow Cedar Lodge. She is excited bout the lodge renovations.With the heli ski season over until next year, lodge owner, Simone Mattner has gotten a jump on Yellow Cedar Lodge renovations. With plans to completely redo and update the kitchen the renovation started with demolition aided by the Northern Escape staff. While the work is still under way it is already evident how great the newly updated kitchen space is going to look. Read more

Fine Wines available at Northern Escape

A selection of fine wines available at NEHOver the years Jody Forrest has worked to cultivate an extensive wine list for Northern Escape Heli Skiing. The list predominately features award winning boutique wines from BC, many of which are only available directly from the vineyards where they are produced. Jody has established long standing relationships with the wineries making it possible for Northern Escape to preorder highly demanded vintages that regularly sell out. Also available on our wine list is a small selection of New & Old World wines.

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Local craft beer a hit at aprés

Sherwood Mountian Brewery logo superimposed over an image of the Skeena mountains and river

Just around the same time we started our season this year, Sherwood Mountain Brewery, was opening their doors for the first time. It almost seems like fate that the two businesses were meant to form a relationship. You can’t have après ski without good beer and Northern Escape has a penchant for supporting local businesses. Plus the beer is good, really, really good.

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