Deep Powder Boarding Tips

In an earlier post our heli ski experts offered some great tips on how to ski powder so in this blog post we’d like to share four snowboarding in deep powder tips.

Catching some air while snowboarding in deep powder.

Airborne Powder Boarding

To help you get the most of your heli snowboarding experience here at Northern Escape in British Columbia, Canada, try the following for snowboarding in deep powder:

  1. Use a Full Rocker or Hybrid Camber Snowboard
  2. Body Positioning & Stance – Stay Back on the Board
  3. Rhythm and Edging
  4. Speed and Terrain

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In this blog post, we offer a brief overview of our Northern Escape Heli Skiing itinerary. What does a typical heli ski day look like at Northern Escape Heli Skiing in British Columbia, Canada?
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Can you imagine skiing 100000 vertical ft in 3 days?  For this group, it was the perfect storm; excellent flying weather, awesome mountain conditions, and a group of stoked guests with the Unlimited Vertical add-on to the Elite Package.

The self proclaimed ‘Heli 40 Crew’ made up of nine men from different parts of the United States didn’t even all know each other at the beginning of the trip. “Everyone knows someone,” Nate Jenkins explains, “but no one knows everyone.” Read more

Heli boarding in Terrace BC mountains with sun and powder.Few people know that snowboarding actually evolved from skiing as early as the 1920’s when a single wooden plank was tied to one’s feet and used to slide downhill. Modern snowboarding began in the mid 1960’s and became an Olympic sport in 1998.

Heli Boarding uses a helicopter to access vast remote areas of untracked deep powder, which is the pinnacle of snowboarding experiences. Read more

Thumbnails of 4 Ski/Snowboard Movies

Want to see new heli skiing movies and snowboarding movies from 2015 and 2016? You are in luck because the following ski movies were hand picked as new additions to our Northern Escape Heli Skiing lodge library here in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada.


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