In our last post, we introduced you to Ryan Merrill, our ACMG ski guide and guiding operations manager. Continuing our “Meet Our Staff” blog series, we want to introduce you to Chad Hamilton. As one of our most important team members, Chad Hamilton is our heli skiing operations manager and has been with Northern Escape for 6 seasons. Get to know him:

Northern Escape Heli Skiing: How would you describe your job to a child?

Chad Hamilton: To my son I would say, “Vroom vroom honk honk.” I’m basically a rotor blade on the helicopter that is Northern Escape. But really, I would say that I have fun for a living!!

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Ryan Merrill skiing deep snow in the trees at Northern Escape Heliskiing.

In our “Meet Our Staff” blog series, we proudly introduced head chef Jens Larsen in our first post. Next on the list is Ryan Merrill, our guiding operations manager. Ryan Merrill is an ACMG ski guide who lives in Terrace and has been with Northern Escape Heli Skiing here in beautiful British Columbia Canada, for 5 seasons.

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At Northern Escape Heli Skiing here in beautiful British Columbia Canada, we are stoked to announce a new member to our management team: Jens Larsen. If you have visited us recently, chances are you got a taste of Jens’ delicious meals. In his new role as Executive Chef/Assistant Lodge Manager, Jens Larsen will meticulously plan your every single bite, ensure variety for your thirstiness needs, and make sure that every heli skiing guest is having a great time.

Get to know Jens Larsen:


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As Executive Chef and Assistant Lodge Manager, I strive each season to improve our food and beverage service for guests here at Northern Escape Heli Skiing in British Columbia, Canada. For my third season with Northern Escape, I will step a bit back from “time at the stove” in order to assist in managing lodge logistics and front of house. I look forward to creating new experiences for the 2019 heli ski season, including new Après Ski cocktail recipes!

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Teddy Allsopp, is one of Canada’s most passionate skiers and the subject of this week’s focus on our 3 part series showcasing our Northern Escape Heli Skiing partners.

Teddy Alsopp On the Slopes of BC Cutting Thru Deep Powder

Teddy Alsopp Doing what he loves to do!

Teddy is a true skier at heart. Stand in any lift line in western Canada (maybe the world) and mention his name, and you will be amazed by how many people speak out and let you know Teddy is a good friend of theirs.

In addition to his many business ventures in the restaurant and bar industry, Teddy will tell you it all started with a ski tour company out of Edmonton Alberta, The Downhill Riders.

Teddy Allsopp was the co founder of Downhill Riders Ski and Travel Company, which became one of Western Canada’s largest ski tour operators for downhill skiers and snowboarders. Downhill Riders hosted over 100,000 guests over 30 years operating ski tours throughout Western Canada, the USA, Europe, Japan, and South America.

His adventures as a ski tourism entrepreneur first began with Teddy convincing a busload of friends to go to Jasper to ski for the weekend. Teddy’s commissions gave him a free weekend of skiing and beer money. Being the entrepreneur he is, Teddy turned this into a much larger business with many weekends having 20 or 30 buses filled with his friends going skiing and snowboarding.

John Forrest, our NE Heli Skiing president and general manager, actually first met Teddy back in the mid 80’s on one of these ski trips and they became good friends. They eventually became business partners in Northern Escape Heli Skiing. Read more

Our Partners Benny Abruzzo Jumping Through Trees in BC Canada

Airborne While Heli Boarding in BC

Based out of Terrace British Columbia, Canada, Northern Escape Heli Skiing was founded by four friends, Our Partners, John, Benny, Teddy and Dave. In just 15 years, they built our company into what it is now, a world-class heli skiing operation that attracts heli skiers and heli boarders from around the globe.

Anyone who has visited our operation has met John. As the President and Managing Partner of the NE Heli Skiing, John is around daily and remains active as one of the team’s leading heli ski guides.

The other three partners, Benny, Teddy, and Dave are not at the forefront as often, but they are just as active behind the scenes. For all of them, the love for skiing and adventure is ever present. What follows are some short backgrounders on who these guys are because each is rather cool in their own right. Read more

NEH-5360New this year at Northern Escape; the photography program has been expanded in both the Elite and Classic Packages. Whenever there is a seat available in either program, professional photographer Aaron Whitfield will join the group to immortalize your heli skiing and boarding memories. Aaron excels at capturing the true essence of fast moving subjects while incorporating the beauty of the landscape as the backdrop. His photos are guaranteed to help your bragging rights for years to come. Read more

NorthernEscapeHeliskiing_5Q1A9109 Watch our heli ski guides crumble under pressure when a camera is put in their faces! While on the job in the mountains, they show no signs of weakness, but when you put them in the spotlight, it really goes downhill.

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Aaron Whitfield taking a selfie in ski gear

With Aaron Whitfield Photography, at Northern Escape Heli Skiing, we strive to create amazing memories for our guests and with the help of Aaron Whitfield Photography, making those memories last, is a whole lot easier.  Aaron is a professional ski  photographer with plenty of experience under his belt.  Read more

Chad Sayers in front of a rock wall in front of a mountain

Well, another amazing ski season has come to an end! I’m so grateful to have had experienced so many  beautiful and blissful moments skiing in so many unique ski  cultures    and   sharing it with new and old  friends.

My most recent adventure was a 3 week ski mountaineering trip in the Upper Svaneti  Region in  the  Republic of Georgia Read more