Deep powder riding in the mountains of British Columbia is a thrilling experience for skiers and snowboarders alike. It feels like riding the perfect wave. But it requires a different set of skills and equipment compared to skiing on groomed runs or hard-packed snow on a ski hill. Let’s break down a few things you’ll need to know.

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This past weekend we wrapped up our 2023 heli skiing season. For those of you who were guests this Winter, you know what an epic season this has been.

Here’s a brief recap of how the season went down. Back in November, we started off with a win at the World Ski Awards and then things just kept getting better.

Worlds Best Heli Ski Operator 2022 Winner

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What is heli skiing?

Heli skiing is an exhilarating experience that involves skiing or snowboarding in remote, backcountry areas that can only be accessed via helicopter. The best heli skiing in the world can be found in British Columbia, where boutique ski lodges like Northern Escape Heli Skiing offer pristine terrain and powder paired with luxurious lodging, meals, and amenities.

“We make sure that every guest has the best powder skiing experience of their lives,” says John Forrest, ACMG guide and President of Northern Escape. “Exploring the mountains and riding untracked slopes is what it’s all about.”

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It’s official. Northern Escape is the World’s Best Heli Ski Operator. At last week’s World Ski Awards, we took the title and are celebrating right now! Our whole team of passionate mountain people, many of whom have been here for years, couldn’t be happier.

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In our “Meet Our Staff” blog series, we proudly introduced head chef Jens Larsen in our first post. Next on the list is Ryan Merrill, our guiding operations manager. Ryan Merrill is an ACMG ski guide who lives in Terrace and has been with Northern Escape Heli Skiing here in beautiful British Columbia Canada, for 5 seasons.

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White Snowy Mountaintop with Early Morning Sunrise

Powder Covered Mountain Top – BC Heli Skiing

In this heli skiing FAQ blog post, our NE Heli Skiing experts want to address some of the most frequently asked questions about heli skiing in British Columbia, Canada. These are the most common questions we get asked by our international guests who visit us from as far away as Norway, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, and the United States, among others.

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Teddy Alsopp On the Slopes of BC Cutting Thru Deep Powder

Teddy Alsopp Doing what he loves to do!

Ted Allsopp, Teddy, as we all know him, is one of Canada’s most passionate skiers and the subject of this week’s focus on our 3 part series showcasing our Northern Escape Heli Skiing partners.

Teddy is a true skier at heart. Stand in any lift line in western Canada (maybe the world) and mention his name, and you will be amazed by how many people speak out and let you know Teddy is a good friend of theirs.

In addition to his many business ventures in the restaurant and bar industry, Teddy will tell you it all started with a ski tour company out of Edmonton Alberta, The Downhill Riders.

Teddy was the co founder of Downhill Riders Ski and Travel Company, which became one of Western Canada’s largest ski tour operators for downhill skiers and snowboarders. Downhill Riders hosted over 100,000 guests over 30 years operating ski tours throughout Western Canada, the USA, Europe, Japan, and South America.

His adventures as a ski tourism entrepreneur first began with Teddy convincing a busload of friends to go to Jasper to ski for the weekend. Teddy’s commissions gave him a free weekend of skiing and beer money. Being the entrepreneur he is, Teddy turned this into a much larger business with many weekends having 20 or 30 buses filled with his friends going skiing and snowboarding.

John Forrest, our NE Heli Skiing president and general manager, actually first met Teddy back in the mid 80’s on one of these ski trips and they became good friends. They eventually became business partners in Northern Escape Heli Skiing. Read more

Prepare for Heli Ski Season with These Great Stretching Exercises

Stretching for the Entire Body

Don’t be caught floundering in the powder this heli ski season due to sore muscles; with a little pre ski season workout you can get your body ready for the mountains.

Training your body and choosing exercises to get fit for skiing is a nebulous concept at best. After all, how hard is it to prepare for heli skiing or boarding when you are just carving through deep powder and then riding a helicopter back to the top of the mountain?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that heli skiing fitness is over-rated. You’ll be using muscles that most likely, you haven’t engaged a lot during the off-season. And keep in mind; heli skiing and heli boarding are definitely high intensity sports. You can enjoy your heli skiing trip a lot more by preparing your body ahead of time. In the end, you won’t regret investing a little time and doing the right exercises to get fit for skiing…but you may regret it if you don’t! Read more

Heli Skiers Arriving in Terrace BC Canada

Departing the Plane

So you have made your heli ski package reservation with us here at Northern Escape Heli Skiing. Now it’s time to think about how you are going to get here! Well, this guide will help you make your travel plans a little easier.

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Heli Skier Buried in Deep Powder in BC Canada

Waist High Powder!

Did you know we have 3 different heli ski packages for you to choose from? Classic Heli Skiing Package , Elite Heli Skiing Package , Private Heli Skiing Package. All of them offer a unique experience based on small groups. When it comes to similarities, besides small groups, all of our packages are all-inclusive! By booking either of our packages, you get: professional helicopter skiing guide services, cat skiing backup, accommodations, all meals and non-alcoholic beverages, use of our Barryvox avalanche transceivers as well as use of our snow pulse avalanche airbags, powder skis, poles and snowboards. Your transfers from the airport to our lodges and back are also included!  Read more