BC is the birthplace of heli skiing (or heliskiing or helicopter skiing as it’s variously known) and is home to more heli ski operators than anywhere else in the world. The rugged, majestic mountains, deep snowpack and world-class lodges have made it a mecca for those seeking the ultimate powder skiing experience. But it’s important to understand the different heli ski regions of Canada’s westernmost province, and the conditions in each throughout the winter so you know when to go heli skiing in BC.

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Forecast quote, fool me 92748 times, you are a weather man.Ah Long Range Weather Forecasts… What can we say, we take it day by day or better yet minute by minute! This year’s long-range forecast for the winter couldn’t have been more wrong. In the fall they were calling for a warmer then average winter that would be death blow to the ski industry. This winter ended up being a great mix of good snow and long periods of cold, clear skies, that made for an excellent season. In fact, it was actually the coldest season on record for BC! Pretty much the exact opposite of the forecast of doom and gloom. Read more

La Niña Forcast, October 12th,  2017 – John Forrest – Northern Escape Heli Skiing

Bring on La Nina for the 2018 heli skiing season.

Blower Pow thanks to La Niña.

There’s been hopes, there’s been whispers, and there’s been all out rumours, but it’s official now – NOAA released its long-range forecast for this winter and La Niña is back baby!

Not only is she back, but also the NOAA winter prediction is that La Niña will be stronger than the 2017 ski season. And, for anyone who was heli skiing in British Columbia last season, you know it’s going to be EPIC! Read more

Join Us for Heli Skiing In January 2018!

The new winter forecast is snow.

Weather map showing the jet stream of snow.

Jet stream on the war path!

It puts ENSO (EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION) neutral conditions lasting well into fall before Ullr’s prized pow arrives for the winter. However, that same forecast has the jet stream moving further north as a ridge builds along the Pacific Crest, giving way to large snowfall totals for the Pacific North West, along with coastal and interior British Columbia. We are excited about this winter forecast for snow, snow, snow. Read more

la nina weather phenomenon

The Weather forecasters are at it again! With this season being unseasonably warm for us up in the north due to el Nino, the prediction for next season is LA NINA!!  This is great news for skiers and boarders.  The last La Nina for us was in 2011 and that was a year of record snow! Read more

IMG_1638_1024Heli Skiing Safety is our top priority at Northern Escape. Our guides are focused on creating the ultimate heli skiing experience for our guests while keeping everyone as safe as possible. For this reason, when avalanche risks reach a hazardous level our guiding team use explosives to mitigate these threats. Read more

Positive preseason conditionsSo far every foray into the mountains has seen the guides returning with smiles on their faces and reporst of positive preseason conditions. “The skiing has been excellent,” reports Owen Day, assistant guiding operations manager. “We’ve had some really productive days in the mountains,” adds Mikey Olsthoorn, guiding operations manager, “we’ve been digging and building landings and pick ups. Many of our classic heli ski runs are ready to go.”

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Goearly season conditionsdzilla El Niño just keeps on delivering!

Yvan, one of our guides, reported back on conditions out at Shames Mt. earlier this month;

By 11:00 am we skied down Prayer Flags in excellent condition. There was an 80 cm base which skies very well with snowfall accumulating very quickly. We had 20 cm’s on the vehicle in 3 hours at the Shames parking lot!Read more

New-Years-Cat-SkiingStep 1: Gather a group of your closest friends

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