Community Fundraising helps kids ski

Members of the local community came together to fundraise for local kids to be able to ski

Shames, the local ski hill in Terrace, values community as a top priority. After all the community are the owners. As Canada’s first non-profit ski cooperative their main goal is to keep skiing and riding accessible and affordable. Even so, when it comes to school ski days for local elementary classes some families can’t afford for their children to participate. This didn’t seem right to Christian Theberge, manager of the My Mountain Co-Op, so he decided to do something about it. In 2012 the Northern Snow Angels program was born. The goal of this program is simple; to help provide free skiing/riding by offering lift, rentals and lessons to those School Groups/Organizations who want to participate in this snow sport, but are unable to afford the cost.


When Clair, Northern Escape’s Ski Operations Manager, heard about the program and its mandate he was instantly on board. “Everyone should have the chance to go skiing or snowboarding,” he states. That’s why he decided that a little community fundraising was in order. He made it known that Northern Escape Heli Skiing would anti up $2500 to the Northern Snow Angels as long as others in the community matched the donation.

And so they did. First to add money to the cause was the Mount Remo Backcountry Society who fundraised $1650 at their Best of the Banff Mountain Film Festival Movie Night. A few weeks later at another movie night hosted by Shames, Chance Healey and Bruce Martindale each added $100 to the pot. Next came a generous donation by the Terrace Rotary Club for $2500, and just like that the fundraising goal set by Northern Escape was exceeded.

Inspired by the community coming together to support a worthy cause John Forrest, President of Northern Escape, decided to keep the fundraising ball rolling. In the future, when our guests check out after their heli skiing package they will have the option to add a donation to the Northern Snow Angels onto their bill. It is the belief of Northern Escape Heli Skiing that exposure to mountain sports at a young age creates lasting memories and an introduction to a healthy lifestyle. It is important to us to be an integral part of a community that helps kids ski.