el nino weather outlookBritish Columbia’s North Coast returns to a ’normal‘ Weather Pattern after two years of anomalous weather.

The last two seasons have seen the creation of three new meteorological terms never before used (except maybe in sci-fi weather movies predicting the end of the world). The ‚Ridiculously Resilient Ridge‘ (RRR for short) created the ‚Blob‘ which together created the ‚Polar Vortex‘, or so the story goes. Weiterlesen

A helicopter on the hei pad covered with snow and lots of snow falling from the sky during the record snowfall in Terrace

From February 5-7 we received a record snowfall in Terrace. We recieved over 200 cms of snow in the mountains and 112 cms in the valley almost breaking the national snowfall record!!

It was a hectic time here as we worked continuously to clear the snow from around the lodges. Weiterlesen