Sherwood Mountian Brewery logo superimposed over an image of the Skeena mountains and river

Just around the same time we started our season this year, Sherwood Mountain Brewery, was opening their doors for the first time. It almost seems like fate that the two businesses were meant to form a relationship. You can’t have après ski without good beer and Northern Escape has a penchant for supporting local businesses. Plus the beer is good, really, really good.

Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse is owned and operated by two masters: Darryl Tucker, a certified Brewmaster, and Linda Parker, a master in Business Administration, who both possess a love for brewing beer and sharing it with others. Operating out of a newly furnished 2,600 square foot brewery, they produce three unique craft beers; a lager, a pilsner and an ale. Additionally, they produce limited releases brewed in smaller quantities and the occasional ‘one-off’.

The brewery includes a dedicated tasting room, something we have been taking advantage of at Northern Escape. “It’s an excellent experience to offer our guests,” Evan Boland, NEH Bar Manager, explains, “Many of our overseas guests want to try local Canadian beers when they visit and you can’t get more local than a brewery down the street where they can visit and see the manufacturing process.”

Throughout the season Evan has made one or two trips to the brewery himself; to refill the growlers (reusable glass jugs that customers bring to the brewery to be filled straight from the tap) with fresh beer for our bars or, if the guests are particularly enjoying the local brew, to pick up a keg. During these visits he’s had a chance to chat with Darryl and Linda about their business plans.

Sherwood Mountain is Terrace’s first brewery and they anticipate demand and popularity. “We have opted to go big.” Darryl explains, “We plan to produce 80,000 liters of beer this first year and to expand to 200,000 liters in following years.” It is their hope that Sherwood Mountain Beers will be sold across Canada and even throughout the United States. They also plan to add a food cart featuring local sausages, cheeses and accompaniments on their outdoor patio this summer.

Northern Escape is proud to be one of the early adopters of the Sherwood Brews. We are currently one of only about three establishments in Terrace with the beers on our permanent menu but with beer this good we suspect it won’t be that way for long.

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Sherwood Mountain Brews

Skeena West local craft beerSkeena West Pale Ale

The flagship ale approved by the Friar’s friends. This pale ale has a brilliant golden color with nice white foam and generous amounts of bubbles. It carries hints of caramel toasted bread and a nice range of hops.






Friar House local craft beerFriar House Lager

A light refreshing lager that is perfect for those new to craft beer; but also for seasoned ‘crafters’ seeking a fresh local taste. From the Friar’s House to yours.






Coast Mountain local craft beerCoast Mountain Pilsner

Inspired by European travels, this pilsner is firmly rooted with European flavour taught by German & Czech Republic Brewmasters. This light bodied pils has moderate but focused bitterness and a crisp finish with lingering hops.