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Five Ski Films to get you Stoked

NEH video channels posterThe days are getting colder and as the snow-line creeps further down the mountains the excitement for winter is mounting. What better way is there to fuel the stoke than to watch this year’s snowboard and ski films. Every year there seems to be more and more choices for these types of movies so we have gathered together the trailers for five flicks that we are excited for.


Higher by Teton Gravity Research

Higher Snowboard movie posterFollowing Deeper, where we learned about Jeremy Jones’ ‘Earn your turns’ philosophy, and Further, where he travelled far and wide in search of the steep and deep, Higher is the third installment in the Jeremy Jones saga. It promises more insight into the unique psyches of Jones’ and his friends as they leave tracks on mountains from Cape Code, where he grew up, all the way to the Himalayas of Nepal. This movie promises to explore how Jones’ must deal with the risks of his lifestyle and the choices he must make when leaving his family behind to venture out into the mountains.

Higher Trailer


Afterglow by Sweetgrass Productions

Afterglow ski movie posterThough Afterglow is only twelve minutes long it is nothing to be scoffed at. Filmed entirely at night with athletes wearing custom-made LED lightsuits it has been called groundbreaking by many in the industry and dubbed as the first ‘glow in the dark ski movie’. The sheer amount of planning needed to execute something like this is almost as impressive as the deep pillows and Alaskan spines showcased in the movie.

An added bonus? The entire film can be found online. Afterglow Film


Pretty Faces by Unicorn Picnic/ Lynsey Dyer

Pretty Faces ski movie posterThis may be an all female ski movie but don’t expect any less massive lines, deep powder or huge kickers. Instead expect more­ – more of a message that is. Lynsey’s dream was to create a movie that rivaled traditional ski films but also celebrated skiing’s female population and gave young girls something positive to look up to. Simply put she wanted to deliver the message, “If she can do it, so can I!” In that spirit, in addition to the professional filmmakers, she also appealed to the female community beforehand and asked for contributions for the movie. This unique ‘crowd sourcing’ approach to the film adds to the obtainable feeling and sisterhood that she hoped to put forward. Our thoughts? You go girls!

Pretty Faces Trailer


Almost Ablaze by Teton Gravity Research

Almost Ablaze ski movie posterThis movie is by far one of the most talked about films of the season; it’s not hard to see why it was awarded “Film of the Year” at the International Freeski Film Festival. TGR really pushed boundaries when producing Almost Ablaze. Having each athlete mic’d up allows the audience to be completely engrossed in the moment, as they watch and listen to the athletes execute some of the most progressive riding ever.

Almost Ablaze Trailer


No Turning Back by Warren Miller Entertainment

No Turning Back ski and snowboard movie posterThis being the 65th movie from Warren Miller it’s safe to say they know what they are doing when it comes to producing documentary style ski and snowboard movies. Coupling new-school development with their trademark vintage footage results in a film that looks at the progression of the sport from spread eagles in the 1970s to the extreme ski flying of today. This film showcases how the sport has and continues to develop at an exponential rate. After watching it you cant help but wonder, “what’s next?” and isn’t that really what the excitement of the sport is all about?

No Turning Back Trailer


Videos Featuring Northern Escape Heli Skiing

NEH video channels posterAt Northern Escape Heli Skiing we have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of guests recording their experiences as they go. Whether you are simply using your cell phone to record snippets of your runs, or you are sporting a GoPro to capture every turn, we love to see and share the footage captured at Northern Escape Heli Skiing, so head on over to our Featured pages on Youtube and Vimeo to check out some of the videos that were shot on location in our extensive terrain. With many videos shot by our guests you might even spot yourself in some of them!

Also included on the Featured pages are some videos shot by various film crews that have visited Northern Escape over the years. These videos are worth adding to your pre season stoke list as a glimpse into what lies ahead for your heli ski trip.