Heli Skiing, How To

Five Techniques for Better Powder Skiing

If you’ve experienced powder skiing on your local ski hill, you know how addictive it can be. You may be dreaming of a heli ski trip to BC, to ride reams of deep powder all day long. But before throwing down big cash for that ultimate ski vacation, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the skill to do it. 

1. Stay centered: In powder skiing, it is important to stay centered. Keep your weight evenly distributed over both skis and avoid leaning too far forward or back. Forget edging (your edges are useless) and think ‘platform’.

2. Maintain speed: In powder skiing, maintaining speed is crucial. If you slow down too much, you may get stuck in deep snow. Use fat skis to maintain that speed and flotation.

Notice the rythym, platform stance and turn-to-turn hopping that makes for ideal powder skiing technique. 


3. Rhythmic motion: When skiing in powder, use a rhythmic, fluid motion to help you stay balanced and maintain flow. This can be achieved by flexing and extending your legs as you ski.

4. Stay loose: Powder skiing requires a relaxed, loose style. Avoid being too stiff or rigid, or you’ll quickly get tired out. Gravity is your friend, so don’t fight it.

5. Look ahead: Always anticipate the terrain and the best way through it. In the backcountry there are trees, steeps, drainages, pillows, and all manner of terrain you’ll never see in a ski resort. Picking the best lines will allow you to make turns smoothly and greatly improve your skiing.

Like any other skiing technique, powder skiing takes practice. Eventually, you’ll be riding like a pro.

Heli Skiing in BC with Northern Escape

Since 2004, Northern Escape Heli Skiing has operated small group heli skiing in Northern BC’s Skeena Mountains, near Terrace, BC. Named World’s Best Heli Ski Operator in 2022 by the World Ski Awards, our premium ski experience, three boutique lodges, snowcat skiing backup and big mountain, deep powder terrain attracts riders from around the world. Our lodges are easily accessible from Vancouver via Terrace Airport.

To learn more about heli skiing, see our Guide to Heli Skiing in BC. To plan your ultimate ski vacation, call us Toll-free at 1-866-619-3184, contact us online or visit our booking page.