Can you imagine skiing 100000 vertical ft in 3 days?  For this group, it was the perfect storm; excellent flying weather, awesome mountain conditions, and a group of stoked guests with the Unlimited Vertical add-on to the Elite Package.

The self proclaimed ‘Heli 40 Crew’ made up of nine men from different parts of the United States didn’t even all know each other at the beginning of the trip. “Everyone knows someone,” Nate Jenkins explains, “but no one knows everyone.” However, by the end of the three day heli ski package a bond had been formed over bragging rights as the group that has skied the most vertical in a three day period during the 2017 season at Northern Escape Heli Skiing.


Pilot Leighton Daney says it was an absolute pleasure flying with the enthusiastic crew up at NEH last week, “Talking [to them] on the way out and hearing that [they] had such a positive experience made what I thought were my most enjoyable 3 days of heli skiing [piloting] even better!”

Photographer Aaron Whitfield says he also had an excellent time with the guests, but he’s a little tired after skiing so much vertical! Here’s some of the shots he got of the ‘Heli 40 Crew’ skiing 100000 Vertical ft in 3 days.

Heli ski group and their tracks in the powder.

Heli skiing next to rocky mountain peaks.

Heli snowboarding on a sunny day.

Heli Skiing on a wide open slope under blue skies.

Heli Ski group enjoying the mountain view.





Unlimited vertical saves group big $$

The ‘Heli 40 Crew’ have more reasons to smile about than just great skiing. After the purchase of the Unlimited Vertical add on to their package each guest saved nearly $2000! Wouldn’t it have been a shame if they had to stop skiing because it got too expensive?