Packing for any trip is a process that few look forward to; decisions need to be made about what to bring and what to leave behind; Packing for heli skiing at Northern Escape Heli Skiing in Terrace, BC, Canada, is no exception.Guests who now how to pack for heli skiing load onto the NEH bus at the Terrace airport With specific needs for skiing, snowboarding, and lodge life, here are a few recommendations from Northern Escape staff and past guests on what essentials to bring with you. Lire la suite

The right ski for the job

So what makes us choose the type of ski that we carry in our rental fleet? Well the answer is simple: Many years of combined input from top skier’s field testing mixed with the latest greatest technology. We know that your trip is super important and we want to provide you with the best possible gear. The snowpack in the coastal mountains mean that we need a ski that can both float on the powder and be nimble when we end up skiing the trees. This year we have added the K2 Pinnacle 118 to our fleet. Lire la suite

New Cabins for the Snowcats

New Cabins being built for our snowcats

Here at northern Escape, we are constantly trying to provide the best possible experience to our guests. We just finished a deal to buy two brand new, state of the art passenger cabs for our snowcats. These new cabins are made from fibreglass and are custom fit to meet our needs in the mountains. They are built to be light weight thus making the cats more fuel efficient and faster. Shorter turnaround time means that you will get more skiing in during your time at Catland. Lire la suite

IMG_1638_1024Heli Skiing Safety is our top priority at Northern Escape. Our guides are focused on creating the ultimate heli skiing experience for our guests while keeping everyone as safe as possible. For this reason, when avalanche risks reach a hazardous level our guiding team use explosives to mitigate these threats. Lire la suite


Powder BusCheck out the new bus at Northern Escape Heli Skiing. We like to ride in style here at Northern Escape. This is our brand new 4X4 airport shuttle. That’s right, it’s a 4X4!! Lire la suite


Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up when discussing ski and snowboard profiles.

To make it a little easier we have created a simple breakdown of the three most popular profiles to help you in understanding camber & rocker.

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Matt holding a pair of NEH skis and a NEH snowboard on the factory floorWith the growing number of snowboarders joining us each year at Northern Escape Heli Skiing (in BC, Canada), we are yet again expanding our snowboard fleet. We have been using Prior Khyber and Prior Spearhead snowboards for a few years now and have heard nothing but good feedback from the heli boarding guests who have used them. Both Prior snowboards are designed to excel in powder while still being versatile enough to take on windblown peaks and tight trees, which is what makes them perfect for our British Columbia heli boarding company.

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