Heli skiing is the pinnacle of winter sports for an experienced skier or snowboarder. To get the best value out of your heliskiing vacation, show up in great shape to be able to ski as much as possible and make the most of your precious days on the mountain. A helicopter can get you from bottom to top so fast, with little time to rest and recover between runs, the potential to experience fatigue and sore muscles is very real. Fatigue is the biggest factor with injuries on the mountain. To avoid missing out on any skiing or snowboarding, off season heli ski training is highly recommended by our guides.

The better overall physical condition you stay in year round, the easier it is to ramp it up when the snow starts flying. Elite athletes train to peak for their big events. In a similar way, you can peak for your favorite winter activity, namely, skiing and snowboarding. In most places actually skiing and snowboarding is virtually impossible in the off-season, so what’s the best way to prepare? The best approach is to choose activities that work similar muscle groups to your favourite winter past time and have fun while you’re at it.

Running and Cycling are great outdoor activities that are fun and can be done solo or incorporated into a social group. When winter rolls around, the great Canadian past time of hockey is a great conditioner to get the legs and cardio going. Other options could be cross-country skiing or swimming. Some people prefer the gym route with different cardio and weight training combinations. If you really want to dial in the best system for you, find a personal trainer to get you in shape and push your limits with a strategic plan geared towards your goals.

All this training is good for your overall health and wellness, which is obviously important in the bigger picture. The resulting benefits will come into play when you show up for your heli skiing trip at Northern Escape ready to rack up the vertical in the deep powder.

heli skiing contest winner - Kevin and Daughter

Last year Kaitlin McBride was chosen as our 2015 Heli Skiing Contest winner. She won a four-day package good for anytime this year. What she did next makes her possibly the best daughter ever. Kaitlin has asked if we could give the trip to her dad to thank him for teaching her how to ski. How could we say no!! Congratulations Kevin on being our 2015 Heli Skiing Contest winner, you have the best daughter ever!

Kevin is skiing with us this week and told us how he found out about the free trip. Read more


Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up when discussing ski and snowboard profiles.

To make it a little easier we have created a simple breakdown of the three most popular profiles to help you in understanding camber & rocker.

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A helicopter on the hei pad covered with snow and lots of snow falling from the sky during the record snowfall in Terrace

From February 5-7 we received a record snowfall in Terrace. We recieved over 200 cms of snow in the mountains and 112 cms in the valley almost breaking the national snowfall record!!

It was a hectic time here as we worked continuously to clear the snow from around the lodges. Read more

NEH video channels posterThe days are getting colder and as the snow-line creeps further down the mountains the excitement for winter is mounting. What better way is there to fuel the stoke than to watch this year’s snowboard and ski films. Read more

A chainsaw sitting on a snowbank with trees in the backWith the ski season just around the corner, we at Northern Escape are getting excited. It’s the time of year where the staff all come together with stories of off-season pursuits and ideas for a great upcoming winter. Our enthusiasm feeds off of each other as we work together to get ready for another successful season. While the office staff works to finalize bookings and get everything in place, the boys are out in the field improving our vast terrain. Selective glading improves heli skiing runs to produce a better skiing experience for our guests. Read more