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Typical Day – Heli Skiing Itinerary in BC Canada

In this blog post, we offer a brief overview of our Northern Escape Heli Skiing itinerary. What does a typical heli ski day look like at Northern Escape Heli Skiing in British Columbia, Canada?

Arriving at Northern Escape in Terrace BC

Easy Access

Heli Tree Skiing in Deep Powder

Engulfed in Powder!

One of the perks of booking with Northern Escape Heli Skiing in Terrace, BC, Canada is how easily accessible we are. Terrace is less than a 2-hour direct flight from the Vancouver International Airport (Air Canada departs at 17:40 PST and arrives at 19:18).

The vehicle ride from the Terrace airport to the lodge is only 20 minutes, another coup for our heli skiing itinerary. Our international guests appreciate that after spending long hours in flight they don’t have to spend long hours on a bus to reach their heli skiing destination.

Terrace also offers an ambulance service and a fully equipped hospital so medical services are also always easily accessible.

Following introductions and check-in, your gourmet dinner features regional specialities prepared by Northern Escape’s Red Seal chefs. After dinner, our heli ski guides will check your ski boots and help you choose skis, poles, and other equipment you will need for your powder adventure.

Preparations Before Heli Skiing

Our NE Heli Skiing itinerary begins with:

  • Introduction to our highly trained heli skiing guides (all our heli ski packages have low guest to guide ratios)
  • Orientation on helicopter safety and staying safe on the slopes
  • Training on the proper use of heli ski safety equipment and avalanche rescue equipment including PULSE Barryvox Avalanche Transceiver and the Snowpulse Avalanche Airbag Backpack

By the time you get up each morning, our NE Heli Skiing team has already evaluated the day’s weather and powder conditions, and mapped out the safe areas and ski runs for a great day of heli skiing or boarding.

Heli Skiing Itinerary – Typical Day

A full day of heli skiing at Northern Escape averages between 8 – 15 runs and between 7 and 8 hours a day, depending on the time of year. Our guests can heli ski in 12 separate zones with over 250 different ski runs, most with untracked powder! This heli skiing itinerary is a typical day here at NEH:

7:00 am       Early morning stretching, exercise, and warm-up highly recommended
7:30 am       Nutritious breakfast at the lodge
7:45 am       Day briefings prior to departure
8:45 am       *Departure times may vary depending on the weather, time of year, and skiing conditions
12:00 pm    Lunch on the slopes – times may vary depending on ski groups and weather
4:45 pm       *Final run…return times may vary depending on to the weather, time of year, and skiing conditions
5:00 pm       Après ski social – enjoy a massage, spend time in the spa, or share a drink with friends
7:00 pm       3-course gourmet dinner at the lodge

Typical Week of Skiing Day

Northern Escape Heli Skiing offers 3-day, 4-day, 5-day, and 7-day heli skiing packages. We also offer unlimited vertical heli skiing as an upgrade option on our Classic and Elite packages. Unlimited vertical is included in our Private heli skiing package. In a typical week of heli skiing, with unlimited vertical, our ski guests can average as much as 145,000 vertical feet or more!

Two Snowcats Going Up the Mountain

Snowcats on the Move!

Cat Skiing Backup

Northern Escape Heli Skiing also offers reserved seating on our cat ski backup program. We have a fleet of three Snowcats plus 31 miles of snow roads leading to our Catland Ski Zone, which has over 7000 acres. Our average cat ski run is over 600 vertical meters (2,000+ vertical feet). Whenever the weather prevents our helicopters from flying we utilize out cat skiing backup program to keep you on the slopes as much as possible.

Day of Departure

Easy access to Northern Escape Heli Skiing also means that in most cases you can ski a full day on your day of departure, something that you will rarely find in the heli skiing itinerary of most other outfits. In fact, our 7-day heli skiing guests average 6.5 days of skiing!

About NE Heli Skiing

Come enjoy individualized customer service and small group, boutique heli skiing in British Columbia, Canada with Northern Escape Heli Skiing. We are a dedicated team of avid heli skiers and boarders who can offer you the ultimate BC heli skiing adventure. We love welcoming new friends and old friends who simply can’t get enough powder. It’s deeper up here!

For information about Northern Escape Heli Skiing in BC, Canada or about our heli skiing itinerary, please call us at 1-866-619-3184 or send us email.

Visit our Bookings page for available heli skiing dates.


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