Here it comes!

img_0256The Snow has officially started to fall in the Skeena Mountains. As we sit in the office looking up at the freshly dusted mountain tops, we can’t help but think of what the season has in store for us. All the forecasts point to a cold snowy winter and from the looks of this early white stuff, we are on track for an epic one!

This time of year we are busy doing tons of preparation for the season. We have to fill all of our remote fuel caches so our refueling wait times are minimized. Most often you wouldn’t even notice when the helicopter has to head to the pumps! Our fleet of Snowcats get their annual services so they are in tip top shape for the winter. The 2 new passenger cabs are almost finished and will start their journey north very soon.

Our team is almost complete! All our returning staff have epic stories about their summer adventures and can’t wait to get back to Terrace for another season of shredding POW! For the few positions we have open this year, we are busy hiring an energetic bunch that will complement the existing team.

All in all we are gearing up for a spectacular winter season and can’t wait to get out there and make some sweet turns!