K2 Pinnacle 118 Review

Fat Skis for Powder

In this K2 Pinnacle 118 review our heli ski experts will explain why we love them here at Northern Escape Heli Skiing in British Columbia Canada.

We offer K2 Pinnacle 118 fat skis to our heli skiing guests along with the Kastle BMX 115 fat skis we reviewed in an earlier post. We highly recommend both to our heli skiing guests.

K2 Pinnacle 118 fat skis are excellent all-around deep powder skis that can handle any of the 12 heli ski zones in our 5,500-km terrain.

K2 Pinnacle Technology

These fat skis from K2 Sports in Seattle Washington, feature a truly innovative design. According to the manufacturer, the edge materials are stiffer and heavier to provide a larger sweet spot for improved powder ski performance and precision. The patented Triaxel braiding and hybrid sidewall construction ensures power, accuracy and performance when you need it. Plus, you’ll enjoy maximum float in soft powder on K2 Pinnacle 118 skis!

All our heli ski experts agree that the manufacturer got it right with the K2 Pinnacle 118. As they stated on the K2 website“We balanced floatation and soft snow drifting with stability on the 118 by harnessing the power of our Carbon Boost Braid, making sure this ski rips in all soft snow conditions, not just perfect untracked powder.”

K2 Pinnacle 118 Specs

As free ride skis for all conditions, the K2 Pinnacle is still considered to be one of the best big mountain fat skis on the market for providing full power in deep powder. The K2 Pinnacle is also the most awarded powder skis of all time, which also makes our clients very happy!

These powder rocker fat skis feature a core that combines lightweight aspen for resilience with dense fir for toughness. The tip and the tail of K2 Pinnacle skis also have a long high rise that helps to maximize float in very light snow.

About NE Heli Skiing in BC Canada

Celebrating our 15th anniversary in 2019, Northern Escape Heli Skiing is proud to include K2 Pinnacle 118 skis in our line-up.

Whether you are an international heli ski guest visiting us from Norway, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the UK, or the United States, you don’t have to bring your own skis. We’ll have the perfect fat skis for your needs including our K2 Pinnacle Skis!

Northern Escape Heli Skiing is located in Terrace BC, with easy 2-hr flight access from Vancouver International Airport. We offer small group heli skiing packages plus multi-lingual ski guides, Snowcat skiing backup, and an unlimited vertical option.

Book your 3-day, 4-day, 5-day, or 7-day heli ski trip today! Come heli skiing in Canada at NE Heli Skiing and experience some of the deepest driest powder ever.

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