Kastle BMX 115 Ski Review

Deep Powder Fat Skis!

At Northern Escape Heli Skiing in British Columbia Canada, we love the Kastle BMX 115 ski. These are ideal fat skis for deep powder skiing in any of the 12 heli ski zones within our 5,500-km terrain.

In this Kastle BMX 115 review, our heli ski experts will take a closer look at why we love them and why we recommend Kastle skis to our guests.

Available Ski Lengths

NE Heli Skiing carries Kastle BMX 115 skis in 177-cm, 185-cm, and 193-cm lengths, which means there is a size to meet the needs of the majority of our heli ski guests.

According to the Kastle website, “The BMX 115 [ski] is designed for big mountains, alpine powder, and unforgettable heli-skiing days.” At Northern Escape Heli-skiing, we agree whole-heartedly.

Kastle BMX 115 Ski Specs

Well built in Austria (in Central Europe) and utilizing a fir and beech woodcore, Kastle BMX 115 skis also feature “Hollowtech” patented technology. This technology helps to reduce the weight of Kastle skis, as well as making the steering more precise and edging more powerful.

The progressive and dual-rise heli ski camber shape allows you to wiggle your way through the tightest of spots and provides the float needed for the deepest of powder days.

The Kastle BMX 115 ski does it all, from wide open (hold-onto-your-hat) flat out ripping, to short radius schnitzel turns.

Race inspired and powder driven, put anything in the way of the Kastle BMX 115 ski and then hang on for a good time. They are equally at home on the alpine faces, mellow glaciers, steep glades, and pillow drops. Kastle skis are great powder skis to have in our fleet – the quiver of one, so to speak.

You’ll find many of the heli skiing guides here at Northern Escape on a pair of Kastle skis on any given day of the season.

About NE Heli Skiing in BC Canada

This heli ski season is special; 2019 marks our 15th anniversary!

Over the past decade and a half, Northern Escape Heli Skiing has welcomed thousands of international heli ski guests from as far away as Japan, Australia, and much of Europe, including Norway, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and the UK. Many guests, including from the United States, are repeat customers.

Why do they love heli skiing in Canada at Northern Escape?

  • Easy access (2-hr flight from Vancouver, Canada)
  • Small group heli skiing (with multi-lingual ski guides)
  • Huge terrain with unlimited vertical option
  • Cat skiing backup
  • Some of the world’s best, driest, and deepest powder

Come heli skiing in Canada and choose one of our 3-day, 4-day, 5-day, or 7-day heli ski packages, backed by our Snow Cat Skiing backup program!

Check out our Booking page for available dates for our 2018-2019 heli skiing season or for more information, please call us at 1-866-619-3184 or send us an email.


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