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Long Range Forecasts

Forecast quote, fool me 92748 times, you are a weather man.Ah Long Range Weather Forecasts… What can we say, we take it day by day or better yet minute by minute! This year’s long-range forecast for the winter couldn’t have been more wrong. In the fall they were calling for a warmer then average winter that would be death blow to the ski industry. This winter ended up being a great mix of good snow and long periods of cold, clear skies, that made for an excellent season. In fact, it was actually the coldest season on record for BC! Pretty much the exact opposite of the forecast of doom and gloom.

Being in an industry that relies on the weather to cooperate, these long range forecasts can really be hard on the ski companies and their clientele as it can cause unnecessary panic before the trip takes place. Most people have to book months, if not years, in advance and for better or for worse they can’t help but look at the long-range forecasts. We are guilty of peeking as well, but we understand that it is to be taken with a grain of salt. Most forecasts look at trends overall at a large scale but tend to overlook micro climates (which most ski operations operate in). Our operation being close to the wild Pacific Ocean is also heavily influenced by our Northern Latitudes which produces one of the deepest and most reliable snow-packs in the country.

The old saying goes “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes”, couldn’t be truer here. Often when we leave for skiing the forecast for the next day will change by the time we are back, so even for us, until we are out in the field, we don’t know what the weather has in store.

With all this being said, we understand that the weather plays a huge roll in what we do and that Mother Nature has a mind of her own and must be respected at all times. So, remember, when booking your next ski vacation, hopefully with us, to take the long range forecasts and predictions and see them for what they are, an educated guess that changes by the minute. Here’s to next winter. My prediction is  it’s going to be great! 😉