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Medical Coverage for Heli Skiing

Mountain_View_Guide_Heli_Flying_Away_1NEH is pleased to introduce NEW Travel Insurance & Medical Coverage options for Heli Skiing in partnership with Lifestyle Insurance & Benefits Brokers. We are currently offering Emergency Medical Coverage, which will be replacing our pre-existing Evacuation Insurance, and an even better option: Trip Interruption & Emergency Medical Coverage. Both options include emergency air evacuation should an injury occur out in the mountains.

We highly recommend purchasing this new insurance product as it now combines the emergency evacuation with travelers medical insurance. We would also highly recommend you consider the Trip Interruption & Medical Coverage as the Trip Interruption addition could be very beneficial for expensive trips such as this should you have to return home in an emergency or be delayed in arriving due to travel/flight delays. For more information and pricing, please contact:

Cancellation Insurance is also available through Lifestyle Financial Services and it is also highly recommended. After all, your Heli Skiing trip is an investment,which you might want to protect from unexpected events. It may be purchased directly at 250 542-8577 or use this link to book your insurance online: Request a Quote for Travel Insurance.

Enjoy your Heli Skiing experience to the most while having that peace of mind knowing that you have all bases covered.

We look forward to a great and safe season!

NEH Team

Travel Insurance – Medical Coverage for Heli Skiing