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NEH Upgrades their Snowcats

New Cabins for the Snowcats

New Cabins being built for our snowcats

Here at northern Escape, we are constantly trying to provide the best possible experience to our guests. We just finished a deal to buy two brand new, state of the art passenger cabs for our snowcats. These new cabins are made from fibreglass and are custom fit to meet our needs in the mountains. They are built to be light weight thus making the cats more fuel efficient and faster. Shorter turnaround time means that you will get more skiing in during your time at Catland. Complete with stereo systems, ski racks, custom bucket seats, back up cameras and amazing sound proofing, these cabins will be sure to impress!  We know that the snowcat is not a helicopter, so we want to make them as comfortable as possible while you are in them! The company that makes the cabs have perfected their designs and tested them at their own cat skiing operation in Montana. The building process will take about 8 weeks. They then hop on a truck and will be custom fitted to our snowcats here in Terrace.  For those of you that are not sure why our heli-skiing company uses snowcats, check out the cat skiing backup page on our website for more information.  Follow our blog to watch the process of building and installing the cat boxes unfold right before your eyes!

Snowcats are getting a major facelift this year!