New Lake Front Heli Skiing Lodge!

We are very excited to see all the progress on the new lodge build. It is exciting to know that we will be getting the keys in time for the next winter season and that our guests will be welcomed into a new era of the Northern Escape journey. IDL Projects is chomping at the bit to get in there and start putting some hammers to nails. We have moved the snow from the summer access road and they will be in there next week!

Drawing of the new lodge on the lakefront looking North.

 The View of the Lodge Looking North.


The lodge will have 10 guest rooms for the 10 guests. That’s right you get your own room for no extra charge! It will be equipped with all the amenities of our other lodges, such as high-speed internet, an outdoor hot tub, and fine dining food service, but will be located on a remote 50 acre, waterfront estate that you are flown to directly from the airport. No bus travel at all for this package, making it truly Elite. One big advantage to the location of the lodge is that our snowcats can drive to its front door! We will still fly to Catland, but if Mother Nature says no to that option, our cats will pick you up and take you there no matter what!

Drawing of the new lodge on the lakefront looking east.

The View of the Lodge Looking East.


We look forward to welcoming you into this new and exciting space.  Keep watching our social media for updates and before you know it, winter will be back and you will be checking into our brand new Heli Ski focused lodge.