passportThe Canadian Government is strengthening border security and exit controls. There has been a series of regulations that impact Visitors and travelling Canadians. Before you head to Terrace, be sure to check to see whether you need the Electronic Travel Authorization. We would hate to see this disrupt your travels. 

Effective March 15, 2016   Visa-exempt Visitors require an ETA  –  Electronic Travel Authorization.  And starting September 30, 2016, Canadians with dual citizenship are now required to carry their Canadian passports to fly to Canada. U.S. citizens and travelers with a valid Canadian Visa do not need an ETA to enter Canada.

Applying for an ETA is simple and inexpensive ($7 CAD). The online process only takes a few minutes and usually approval is immediate. On occasion it can take a few days to issue. The Canadian government recommends that Visitors apply for their ETA before booking their flights.

Apply Here for an eTA