heli skiing contest winner - Kevin and Daughter

Last year Kaitlin McBride was chosen as our 2015 Heli Skiing Contest winner. She won a four-day package good for anytime this year. What she did next makes her possibly the best daughter ever. Kaitlin has asked if we could give the trip to her dad to thank him for teaching her how to ski. How could we say no!! Congratulations Kevin on being our 2015 Heli Skiing Contest winner, you have the best daughter ever!

Kevin is skiing with us this week and told us how he found out about the free trip. In addition to Kaitlin, he has a son that is just finishing medical school. Kevin told us about a reoccurring family joke about his son eventually making enough money to afford to take his father heli skiing. What with the large amount of student debt Kevin joked that by the time his son could afford it he would be too old to take advantage of it. Enter Kaitlin and her free trip. “When Kaitlin told me she won a free trip and wanted to give it to me I responded, ‘Yeah right, if you won a free trip send me the details!'” Kevin laughs. Even after he received all the details Kevin had a hard time believing his luck. “I just went skiing with my son in Whistler before I came up here and I kept teasing him that his sister is my new favorite.”

Well Kevin we hope that you have a wonderful trip and can come back with both kids for a family heli ski trip in the future. There is nothing better than a family heli skiing vacation!

The 2016 heli skiing contest will return to our new website soon. Please be sure to enter.