Heli Skiing

Oldest Female Skier

Oldest Female Skier We had the pleasure of hosting Una Gibson during our Cat Skiing 101 package this past week. At 78 years young, Una is the oldest female skier at Northern Escape to date. Never having cat skied before Una and her daughter Denise decided that the Cat Skiing 101 program would be the perfect fit for them. When Una told her brother about her plans he wasn’t so sure. “Is that something you should be doing at your age?” he asked. To which Una replied, “Absolutely!”



Oldest Female Skier - Una drives the cat Una ripped it up in Cat land laying down tracks in the fresh snow. When her legs needed a break she didn’t let it stop her good times; she hopped in the driver’s seat of the snow cat and, while the other’s did a lap Ollie gave her a lesson on snow cat operation.

We had such a great time hosting Una and all of the Cat Skiing 101 guests, we can’t wait to have them back again!