Packing for Heli-Skiing

Packing for any trip is a process that few look forward to; decisions need to be made about what to bring and what to leave behind; Packing for heli skiing at Northern Escape Heli Skiing in Terrace, BC, Canada, is no exception.Guests who now how to pack for heli skiing load onto the NEH bus at the Terrace airport With specific needs for skiing, snowboarding, and lodge life, here are a few recommendations from Northern Escape staff and past guests on what essentials to bring with you.

The list of must haves is pretty simple: Ski/Snowboard Boots. They are the one essential item that you must have that are personal and difficult to replace. We would highly recommend that you bring them in your carry-on luggage, and not to let them out of your sight! Everything else can be borrowed or replaced if the worst-case scenario of an airline misplacing luggage were to occur.

There are a few other items that is recommended to tuck into your carry-on in case of luggage misplacement, space allowing; a pair of goggles, ski gloves, a base layer, and any other personal items that you will need for your stay.

For ski wear, we recommend dressing in layers. The average skiing temperature in Northern Escape Heli-Skiing terrain is around -6 degrees Celsius. Start with base layer and mid layers such as icebreaker long underwear. Icebreaker is made from Merino wool and, on top of being warm, it is non-itchy, wicks moisture, and resists odors. An outer layer such as an Arcteryx shell made of gortex that is wind and waterproof will keep you warm and dry. Another piece of attire that is nice to have under your shell for colder days to keep your core warm is an insulated vest or soft shell. A neck/face warmer or bandana is usually a good idea to ward off cooler temps or the deep powder spray that we are known for. It is essential to keep your head warm; modern helmets usually do double duty of protection and warmth, but a ski hat or toque will work as well. If you have extra room it never hurst to bring sunglasses, an extra pair of gloves, and an additional base layer.

If your luggage gets misplaced, or you forget anything, the gift shop at Northern Escape is fully stocked with brands such as Icebreaker, Arcteryx, and Marmot.

The lodge atmosphere at Northern Escape is outdoor casual, so jeans, and comfortable clothes are the norm. If space is tight, one pair of shoes should suffice. Don’t forget to pack a bathing suit to enjoy the hot tubs and sauna.

Northern Escape Heli-Skiing has a fleet of high-end powder skis and snowboards that are included in the price of your package. So unless you have a custom set-up that you want to stick with, leave your boards at home and save the extra baggage expenses the airlines love to charge.

A Premium Small Group Heli Skiing Experience

Since 2004 Northern Escape Heli Skiing has operated small group heli skiing in Northern BC’s Skeena Mountains, near Terrace, BC. Our boutique heli experience, new Mountain Lodge, snowcat skiing backup and big mountain, deep powder skiing attracts riders from around the world. Our lodges are easily accessed from Vancouver via Terrace Airport. For more information, see our Guide to Heli Skiing in BC, contact us or visit our booking page.