– Our Partners, Benny Abruzzo –

Presented by Northern Escape Heli Skiing

Our Partners Benny Abruzzo Jumping Through Trees in BC Canada

Airborne While Heli Boarding in BC

Based out of Terrace British Columbia, Canada, Northern Escape Heli Skiing was founded by four friends, Our Partners, John, Benny, Teddy and Dave. In just 15 years, they built our company into what it is now, a world-class heli skiing operation that attracts heli skiers and heli boarders from around the globe.

Anyone who has visited our operation has met John. As the President and Managing Partner of the NE Heli Skiing, John is around daily and remains active as one of the team’s leading heli ski guides.

The other three partners, Benny, Teddy, and Dave are not at the forefront as often, but they are just as active behind the scenes. For all of them, the love for skiing and adventure is ever present. What follows are some short backgrounders on who these guys are because each is rather cool in their own right.

Benny Abruzzo – NE Heli Skiing Partner Profile

This week I’d like to present partner Benny Abruzzo from Albuquerque NM. He is a second generation ski educator and ski resort operator with a strong passion for skiing and enhancing the skiers’ experience. Benny was inducted into the New Mexico Ski Hall of Fame in 2015.

Check out this awesome quick film of Benny as it says it much better than I can.