Prior Snowboards & Skis Whistler BC

Our Go To Ski & Snowboard Fleet at NE Heli Skiing

Prior Snowboards and Skis

For go-to powder specific heli skiing gear, our Northern Escape Heli Skiing experts here in British Columbia Canada like Prior snowboards and skis.

Prior is an award winning Canadian snowboard manufacturer out of Whistler, BC. For nearly three decades they’ve been making exceptional, hand crafted, premium quality Canadian snowboards and skis.

At NE Heli Skiing, we believe that having the right heli skiing gear will help you make the most of your vacation when snowboarding or heli skiing in Canada.

No one wants to have to go in early due to having back leg fatigue, or because you are tired of tomahawking down the mountain. That’s why we offer two coast mountain powder specific snowboards as part of our complementary rental fleet.

  • Prior Khyber
  • Prior Spearhead

Both Prior snowboards are built with the deep snow in mind. Both are also hand crafted and tested in Whistler BC, where the snow has a similar feel as what we have here near Terrace, British Columbia, Canada.

Prior snowboards are hands down the best tools for the job and we always recommend you give them a try while you are snowboarding in Canada here at Northern Escape Heli Skiing. The lengths of our Prior snowboards range from 156 to 172, and for deep powder, we always recommend that you try out one that is a little longer then you are used to!

Prior Khyber Snowboard

Khyber Snowboards

The Prior Khyber snowboard with its hybrid rocker camber floats through snow with ease and maneuvers the trees like nobody’s business. The Prior Khyber has an oversized spoon shaped nose to keep you on top of the snow plus a blunt stubby tail that allows you to turn on a dime. The Khyber excels in tight trees when you need to be on your game finding the best line down the hill. Check out Prior Khyber snowboards here.

Prior Spearhead Snowboard

Spearhead Snowboards

With excellent floatation and edge control, the hybrid powder rocker camber design of the Prior Spearhead snowboard lends itself to speed. This snowboard has a pointy nose the lets you have those styli long big mountain turns in the wide-open bowls. The Spearhead also has a stubby tail so when you get into the trees, you can still fly through them with ease. Check out Prior Spearhead snowboards here.

Prior Overlord Skis

Overlord Skis

Not to be out done, there’s another product from Prior snowboards and skis that we like and that is their flagship big mountain powder ski, the Overlord.

We love Prior Overlord skis because they are fat skis hand crafted for the Canadian heli skiing snow conditions that we typically ski. Overlord skis never lets us down.

The profile for Prior Overlord skis is optimized for speed, stability, and maneuverability. Its power lies in its hybrid rocker design, which allows Prior Overlord skis to float and turn with ease in the deepest of deep powder days.

The lengths of our Prior Overlord skis range from 163 all the way to 193, so we will surely have what you are looking for. You can find out more about Prior Overlord skis here.

Prior Snowboards and Skis Summary

Prior Snowboard Manufactory Ltd. has emerged as a leader in custom, hand crafted snowboards and skis designed for big mountain powder. Prior snowboards and skis are built for performance and complement our heli ski program perfectly. Come heli skiing in Canada with Northern Escape Heli Skiing and give our Prior snowboards and skis a try!!

About NE Heli Skiing

You’ll love heli skiing in Canada. Join us for our 2018-2019 heli ski season! Northern Escape Heli Skiing is located near Terrace with easy access from Vancouver, BC (just a 2-hr flight).

We offer small group heli skiing with multi-lingual guides plus a huge 5,500 sq. km terrain, unlimited vertical, and cat skiing backup. Check out our Booking page for available dates and book one of our 3-day, 4-day, 5-day, or 7-day heli ski packages!

This is also a special time for us:

  • 2019 marks our 15th anniversary!
  • 2020 we will celebrate the grand opening of our new Lake Front Heli Skiing Lodge!

Come heli skiing in Canada and try out our Prior snowboards and skis on some the best, deepest, and driest powder you’ll ever experience.

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